Naumburg (Saale) - City of Racewalking since 1953

Naumburg (Saale) is a small city of about 25.000 habitants and is located in Saxony-Anhalt about 50 km south-west of Leipzig and 200 km south of Berlin.

Racewalking in Naumburg (Saale) has a tradition of more than 50 years.  The first racewalking event was organized back in 1953.

Since that time almost every year national or international events were organized in Naumburg (Saale).

At the beginning the competitions were on track in the stadium. Later on they moved to different road courses. 

In 1972 Peter Selzer walked world record in Naumburg: 4:04:19 h (50 km track)

Highlight of the long racewalking tradition in Naumburg (Saale) was of course the 21th IAAF World Race Walking Cup in 2004.

The winners were:
Jelena Nikolajewa (RUS) 20km Women 1:27:24 (new World Cup record)
Jefferson Perez (ECU) 20km Men 1:18:42
Alexej Wojewodin  (RUS) 50kmMen 3:42:44